Sunday, September 8

Registration (15:00-19:00)


Monday, September 9

Opening ceremony (8:45-9:00)
Plenary session PS1 (9:00-10:25)
Chair: Józef Korbicz
Safety, Survivability and Sliding Modes - Christopher EDWARDS (UK)
Active Fault Detection and Control - Miroslav SIMANDL (Czech Republic)
Coffee break (10:25-10:45)
Session S1a - Fault Detection and Isolation I
Chair: Horst Schulte
Session S1b - Control Systems
Chair: Andrzej Bartoszewicz
Session S2a - Fault Detection and Isolation II
Chair: Abdel Aitouche
Session S2b - Computer Vision and Robotics
Chair: Cezary Zieliński
Lunch (14:15-15:15)
Session S3a - Applications I
Chair: Krzysztof Patan
Session S3b - Applications II (in Polish)
Chair: Jan Maciej Kościelny
Gala dinner (19:00-23:00)


Tuesday, September 10

Plenary session PS2 (9:00-10:25)
Chair: Piotr Kulczycki
Diagnosis of Discrete-Event Systems - Jan LUNZE (Germany)
Bridging Diagnosis from the Control and Al Perspectives - Louise TRAVE-MASSUYES (France)
Coffee break (10:25-10:45)
Session S4a - Fault Tolerant Control
Chair: Christophe Aubrun
Session S4b - Soft Computing
Chair: Roman Śmierzchalski
Session S5a - Identification and Estimation
Chair: Piotr Skrzypczyński
Session S5b - Inteligent Systems
Chair: Piotr Szczepaniak
Lunch (14:15-15:15)

Plenary session PS3 (15:30-16:10)
Chair: Henrik Niemann
Diagnostic Requirements in Multi-Robot Systems - Cezary ZIELIŃSKI (Poland)

Poster Session S6a
Chair: Ireneusz Jóźwiak, Krzysztof Bartecki
Session S6b - Industrial Applcations (in Polish)
Chair: Marcin Witczak
Outdoor dinner (19:00-23:00)


Wednesday, September 11

Plenary session PS4 (9:00-9:40)
Chair: Andrzej Świerniak
Computer-Aided Breast Cancer Diagnosis - Andrzej OBUCHOWICZ
Session S7a - Medical Diagnostics
Chair: Andrzej Obuchowicz
Session S7b - Process Modelling (in Polish)
Chair: Piotr Przystałka
Coffee break (11:50-12:10)
Session S8a - Medical Diagnostics and Biometrics
Chair: Krzysztof Fujarewicz
Session S8b - Applications III
Chair: Michał Syfert
Closing ceremony (13:50-14:00)
Lunch (14:00-14:45)
Excursions (15:00-18:00)