Social Events

Sunday, September 8 - Tennis tournament
On Sunday, September 8, at 14.00 hrs, a tennis tournament for the IPC Chair Award is scheduled. It will be held on the court at the "Leśnik" hotel. Everybody is welcome. Participants should registered with the conference secretariat:

Monday, September 9 - Gala dinner
Gala dinner at a medieval castle built by the Order of St. John in the 14th century (19:00-23:00 hrs).

Tuesday, September 10 - Outdoor dinner
Outdoor dinner at the "Leśnik" hotel (19:00-23:00 hrs).

Wednesday, September 11 - Excursions (post-conference, extra payable)
After the closing of the conference, we are planning to arrange two excursions:
1) Międzyrzecz Fortification Region visit
distance from Łagów: 20 km
tour length: about 2-3 hours
excursion price: about 5 Euros + transportation costs
Important notice: Excursion will take place if at least 15 people will express interest in participating in this visit.

2) River canoeing near Lubrza
distance from Łagów: 15 km
canoeing route: Lubrza -> Paklicko Wielkie lake (7 km)
tour length: about 2-3 hours
excursion price: about 12 Euros (double canoe) + transportation costs.

Both excursions are extra payable and can be purchased during the conference. We kindly ask the participants interested in the excursions to send a confirmation email to the conference secretariat by August 15. Please indicate in the email which excursion are you interested in. Also, please let us know if you wish to use our transport or you prefer to get to the sites on your own.